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  Traditional Values & Contemporary Vision    


St. John, Washington, population 558, is 40 miles northwest of Pullman. With its picturesque nine-hole golf course the town hosts many golf events and tournatments. The school district is combined with nearby Endicott. Full-time health services are offered out of the St. John branch of the Whitman Medical Group. The town boasts newer roads, newer schools, a compact downtown with an active community. It is located close to several area fishing lakes and rivers.


  A Sense of Community   


People who've settled in St. John have the time to strike up a conversation. You're never a stranger for very long. Even newcomers are soon greeted on a first-name basis. People take an interest in who you are and welcome you and your family into the community. 


  Businesses That Care About the Customer   


Whether you're cashing a check at the bank, shopping for groceries, or getting a haircut, you always get a personal touch from the businesses in St. John. If you need a wrench to fix a quick car repair, Torry's Country Store will just lend you one. In St. John, you're not another customer, you're a friend and family. The city and rural fire department has four trucks, one pumper and twenty volunteer firemen and EMTs, on call 24 hours a day.


  Clean Sidewalks & Nice Neighbors. It's a Great Place to Live.   


A short walk through the neighborhoods of St. John will tell you a lot about the people who live there. Carefully trimmed green yards, colorful flower gardens, and fresh painted fences. Sure, that kind of community pride makes living a pleasure no matter where it exists, but when you're surrounded by soft, rolling hills and other spectacular scenery, you'll agree that St. John is a special place to live.


  Want More Elbow Room? Country Living is Only Minutes Away.   


Not everyone in St. John lives within the city limits. There are lots of people who prefer walking a country mile to strolling a city block. Hay. Horses. Chickens. Cattle. A gentleman’s farm or a large wheat operation, it’s all only a stone’s throw away from everything the town has to offer.


  Recreational Paradise   


St. John offers sport enthusiasts a full menu. You can find good fishing for rainbow trout and bass at five surrounding lakes where you can also enjoy boating, camping and water skiing. Hunting for duck, pheasant, deer and other game can be as close as a neighboring field. It’s a perfect place to ride horses, play golf or swim at St. John’s convenient community facilities.


  A Place to Meet. A Place to Worship.  


St. John has a host of fraternal and service organizations which welcome your participation.

There’s even a Community Center, where the town gets together during a variety of events throughout the year. Three local churches make it easy to find a place to worship.


Visit St. John!!! Stay a day, a weekend, or a lifetime!

Come visit St. John and see the town and countryside firsthand. It’s an ideal place to retire and still appreciate the good things in life, or if you’re just starting out, it’s a wonderful place to raise children. And if you’re looking for a place to start a business where you’ll find a helping hand, look no further.


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